The terms of hire between ALL riders and Pedaal Duwer...

(This is a copy of the document that ALL riders will be expected to sign on collecting your vintage bike)


Hire agreement

  • I have read & accepted the full Terms & Conditions of Pedaal Duwer’s scheduled vintage bicycle hire service.

  • I have inspected the bicycle prior to signing this agreement and have checked it is in a satisfactory, safe condition and fit for purpose.

  • I will only use the bicycle on appropriate cycle paths, local roads and follow any additional guidance offered by Pedaal Duwer.

  • I will cycle in accordance with the law and with consideration to other pedestrians and road users.

  • I will NOT cycle on any main roads (A roads or Motorways) in or out of the area. Specifically the A256 connecting Dover, Deal and Sandwich.

  • I accept that children under 16yrs are subject to the same terms of service and are accommodated ONLY if listed within your party as the responsible Adult.

  • I understand that Pedaal Duwer reserve the right to restrict access to bike hire for under 16’s at any point, at our discretion. I fully indemnify Pedaal Duwer and its owner against all consequences of under 16’s using the service. When accommodated, are done so entirely at the request of the named responsible adult.

  • I fully indemnify Pedaal Duwer and its owner against injury to myself, my party or any third party for the duration of the hire.

  • I fully indemnify Pedaal Duwer and its owner against any damage caused to my own or any third party property for the duration of the hire.

  • I will return the bicycle as instructed within the designated period of hire.

  • I will return the bicycle in no worse state of repair than at the start of the hire period.

  • I understand Pedaal Duwer have a passive approach to bike hire and although deposits are

    NOT required, Pedaal Duwer reserve the right to report abuse of the facility to your accommodation provider and PERMANENTLY bar individuals from using the service in the future.

  • I accept that cycle helmets are available and recommended for every rider.

  • I fully indemnify Pedaal Duwer and its owner from any decision to not take or wear a helmet for

    any period of the scheduled hire.

  • I recognise that cycling can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved.

  • I recognise that although all necessary service and safety conditions have been met, there is an

    inherent risk of components failing during hire. I accept this inherent risk and fully indemnify Pedaal Duwer and its owner against any injury or damages caused by this situation.

Please only sign if you have read and fully understand that from this point Pedaal Duwer and its owner are FULLY INDEMNIFIED against any difficult circumstances that arise during the period of hire. You are from this point FULLY RESPONSIBLE for your safety, the safety of your party or third parties, damage caused to your own or third party property and the safe, timely return of the bicycle.

Hire terms & conditions 

  • Bicycle hire is subject to availability. Photographic I.D. MUST BE PRESENTED at collection.

  • All bicycles are ridden at your own risk. Accepting the hire agreement is accepting full liability

    for any accident or injury to either the hirer or any third party. The hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people or property. Personal insurance cover is not included by Pedaal Duwer but IS widely available and recommended.

  • The hirer must inspect the bicycle before accepting it for any damage or defects. Acceptance of the bicycle is acceptance that it is in good roadworthy condition. Any marks, damage or defects should be notified on the hire agreement form prior to signing. The hirer is responsible for returning the bicycle(s) in no worse condition than at the commencement of the hire period.

  • The hire service includes access to helmets, vintage caps and locks. Any loss or damage of accessories will incur additional charge.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times and bikes must be locked whenever unattended.

  • Cycles should be locked to a permanent fixture whenever left unattended. The method of

    securing should include the rear triangle of frame and rear wheel. Theft of a bicycle will be the

    responsibility of the hirer and will be subject to a charge to cover a direct replacement.

  • Bicycles and equipment hired on a rental agreement remains the property of Pedaal Duwer and

    if the equipment is not returned, or damaged beyond repair we reserve the right to charge the

    hirers for the full cost of the equipment and any loss incurred within a 2 week period.

  • Please cycle sensibly, with respect for others and the natural habitat. Cyclists are

    expected to follow the Highway Code in particular the “Extra rules for Cyclists” (Rules


  • Anyone cycling in a discourteous, unsafe manner or treating stock or the overall service with a poor attitude will have the equipment repossessed on sight, be reported to your accommodation provider and be PERMANENTLY barred from the service.

  • All bikes must be returned as instructed to Pedaal Duwer by 6pm on the day of hire, unless otherwise arranged. The hirer is responsible for the safe return of the bicycle as instructed either before or at the end of the rental period. Failure to return the bicycle may result in additional charges being levied

  • Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a formal parent or guardian who is over 25.

  • The hirer will not undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond their level of skill or outside the bikes capability.

  • The hirer must be in good health and their eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test. They must not be suffering from any medical conditions or disability which is likely to adversely affect our normal control of the bicycle

  • Pedaal Duwer reserves the right not to hire equipment to an individual for any reason and without explanation.

  • In the event of a mechanical failure where the hirer is unable to return the bike to the designated drop off points, please secure the bike and contact Carl on 07927914195 who will endeavour to retrieve the bicycle(s) ASAP. The hirer remains responsible for the bike until collected, so left unattended at riders own risk.


Over to you 

Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS (All fields required)

Bicycle supplied by: Pedaal Duwer, Indoor Village Market, Sondes Road, Deal, Kent


Your FULL name:
The FULL names of children under your responsibility:

Your FULL address:

Your MAIN email address:
Your DIRECT contact number:
Bicycle description (Make and colour):
Bicycle ID number (Beneath saddle):

Conditional service and safety checks complete (date):

Any known defects to be highlighted:


I have read and fully understood the “HIRE AGREEMENT” and “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” agreement between Pedaal Duwer and myself and DO accept full responsibility for myself, my party, third parties and property for the duration of the hire period and accept that ALL reasonable precautions have been carried out to provide a safe, scheduled vintage bike hire service:


YES / NO (Please circle YES to agree)

I agree with the terms and conditions applied by “Pedaal Duwer” to its vintage bike hire activities. I am a competent bicycle rider, as are my named party members. I totally absolve Pedaal Duwer from any liability arising howsoever whilst I am responsible for their bicycle. I indemnify them for any loss or damaged caused. I understand that riding a bicycle is dangerous and I freely accept the liability and all costs arising from injury to myself and third parties. I understand that I should have personal insurance cover. I will test the bike and will ride only when I am happy that it is in satisfactory condition. I understand that components such as brakes, tyres and control cables will deteriorate whilst riding and accept this inherent danger. I accept that Pedaal Duwer have made all conditional checks as to service and safety of the bike and have provided a technical demonstration of the bike, insight and guidance on the area with a view to reduce all risks to a minimum.

Photographic I.D. provided:



10.30am - 6pm

365 Days per year

Bikes can be collected up to 12noon and are to be returned directly to The Village Indoor Market, Sondes Road, Deal between 5pm and 6pm. They can also be returned beforehand by following instructions on your confirmation email. 

ALL enquiries to

(Minimum subscription currently available is 6months)

Patron Privileges 



These ride outs are FREE to public and designed to promote wellbeing, provide access to cycling regardless of affordability and build cross demographic relationships within Deals community



Hosted on Pedaal Duwer vintage bikes, we will be organising local history tours of Deal.  The tours will be professionally led by local historians and in time will be available to download as audio!




A wide variety of discounts or PERKS from local businesses and ATTRACTIONS. Available with hire only and redeemable by presenting a HOSPITALITY PASS at affiliated destinations


Our Promise


We will be accommodating new members in order of enquiry. We will be increasing the number of subscriptions available slowly but steadily. We aim to ensure the availabilitiy of vintage bikes to subscribers. We will prioritise refining services, benefits and operations for our early members! 











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